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Understanding TikTok and Marketing

TikTok has emerged to be one of the most used mobile apps in recent times for both marketing and entertainment. Its power cannot be underestimated.  It depends on users making and uploading short videos on the platform and sharing them with their friends.

TikTok initially began as a platform where users upload their videos while lip-syncing to other video stories. This has evolved to having them lip-sync to other content such as comedy and even having them generate their own original content.

The videos on this platform were initially 15 seconds long. However, this has changed to allow people upload videos going up to 60 seconds long when the four are combined. The target audience for this platform is often teens and tweens aged between 13 to 24 years old. However, more people above that age group are also using this application.

TikTok allows people to share their video on its platform as well as other social media tools such as YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. It is, therefore, a good tool for people to showcase their skills and what they do i.e. cooking, fashion, dancing, skating, makeup, products, etc.

Understanding TIKTOK Marketing

It allows diverse videos that people can share and one does not need to follow anyone in order for their video to go viral. As a social media tool, it has over 1 billion active users every month across the world. This makes it one of the biggest social media platforms that companies and businesses can explore as part of their marketing strategy.


TikTok and Marketing

Like any other digital marketing strategy, understanding and choosing the right audience is crucial. This helps establish a connection with them and identify their needs. Knowing the key issues to consider when studying the audience help leverage the trends when using TikTok as a marketing tool.

Remember TikTok is built on a fan base that is eager to explore your brand and therefore meeting their needs by taking advantage of the trend is very important.

Why TikTok Marketing

TikTok marketing is a strategy that allows the promotion of a brand’s products and services using the application. TikTok marketing is important as it helps increase brand awareness, engage communities, sell products and services, get feedback from customers, offer customer service, and advertise products and services.

This gives great opportunities for marketers to address young audiences across the globe in a creative environment. Social media memes originate from TikTok meaning that, brands can emerge as leaders in these cutting-edge trends and boost their credibility. Making TikTok videos doesn’t require high-end budgets which makes it cost-effective for a business.

Brands can use TikTok as a marketing tool in three ways; creating their own brand channel, Collaborating with influencers, and using TikTok ads.


Understanding TIKTOK Marketing

1.   Brand Channel

This involves brands creating their own TikTok pages and trying out different kinds of content. In this case, brands follow the trending tags and memes and apply them to their own content so that they can reach the intended audience.

Brands should create a business account for TikTok and make organic content that will lead to attracting organic traffic. The advantage with this is that brands have the liberty to post anything they want and therefore they’re able to showcase their products or services thus embracing diversity.

Brands should be conscious of the virality of the videos and the content they share to reach a wide audience. TikTok allows short entertaining videos which make them go viral quickly and can be easily shared on other social media platforms. As such, understanding your brand voice through the content produced aligns the brand messaging and makes you unique. This makes the possibility of going viral very high.

Brands can also embrace the use of hashtag challenges since they are memorable and easy to find when someone makes a search. It is important that the content displays consistency with what the brand stands for i.e. what is on the TikTok account should be similar to what is on other social media pages and the brand’s website.

2.   Collaboration with influencers

On their own, especially in the early stages, brands cannot reach the intended audience or have a wider spectrum as expected. Therefore, working with an influencer is helpful because these are individuals who have enough following and understand how to maneuver the TikTok applications.

Further, people listen to influencers and are more likely to be convinced to make purchases when they speak. Brands should therefore see to it that their content is of high quality and one that the audience resonates with. This will give you an upper hand when influencers speak about it and they are likely to convince audiences to make purchases.

Content matters in branding and marketing and therefore who the content comes from matters. It is important to know what voice one is using to market their products and services. Brands should use content creators who understand the industry they are operating in. This will help them from the messaging appropriately into a relatable marketing strategy.


Understanding TIKTOK Marketing

3.   TikTok Advertising

The use of TikTok ads is a marketing tool that brands can use to communicate about their products and services. TikTok has emerged to be an interesting advertising channel largely because it is not flooded like other social media platforms such as Instagram. This implies that it is more affordable to gain impressions and clicks using TikTok.

Ads can be made to run in feeds, sponsored hashtags, as well as banner Ads on the homepage of the application. Brands and companies can be able to target the audience using their age and locations therefore doing informed and strategic advertisement.

TikTok allows behavioral targeting, interest targeting as well as custom targeting. This gives the company or brand multiple options to choose from in the course of crafting their advertisements.


TikTok is a source of many trends and inspirations which allows people to share their lives, opinions and demonstrate their creativity. TikTok is therefore a platform that companies should embrace to advance their values and showcase their products and services as part of their marketing strategy.

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