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Creating Effective Video Ads for Marketing

Video advertisement has emerged to be a successful channel for digital marketing and arguably the best over other forms of advertisement. This is because it incorporates both sound and visuals. This explains why television advertisement is a great tool for marketing since it both entertaining and engages the users thus higher chances of conversion.

Video advertisement in the digital era gives a key opportunity for one to sell their brand. Video marketing is advantageous because most people prefer watching content rather than reading it, ads can easily convert sales, people can easily share a video thus increasing brand awareness, it’s effective for mobile phone users, and communicates information in a short span of time.

A good video marketing campaign is not easy and it calls for expertise and should incorporate different elements of marketing.  The following guide gives insights on how to carry out a successful video ad for marketing.

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First Few Seconds Count

Just as the first interaction with someone or something matters in giving a first impression, so does a video ad. People tend to lose concentration in a matter of seconds especially when it comes to content. It is therefore crucial to grab their attention within the first few seconds of the video before they get distracted.

The video beginning should have a bait-like statement to capture the attention of the customers. This is doing something that interests them for instance, asking relevant questions, giving unique solutions and insights to their needs.

Besides the key words/headlines used in the video ad, incorporate catchy visuals to maintain the audience’s attention. Videos should be appealing and compelling to avoid them skipping the ad or closing the page. Maximize the first few seconds to have them hooked to the video by sharing what makes you unique.


The video’s introduction is key since a good beginning will most likely lead to a successful marketing story. The goal is to not only grab the audience’s first few seconds but to also sustain their attention to keep them watching the video. Therefore keeping the video short and simple is necessary.

Remember, you are working on “borrowed” time and therefore, do not overstay your welcome by having a long video. Further, most people do not go to social media i.e. YouTube to watch ads and therefore, long videos tend to be boring and sometimes frustrating. 

Create a short video, about 30-60 seconds by eliminating unnecessary content. Do not spend much time explaining the brand’s ideology, products or anything that will divert their attention. Short videos have a lasting impression on the audiences’ minds and are therefore effective.

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Creating Effective Video Ads for Marketing

Clarify what’s in for the Audience

Most brands produce a video ad about their product and what it does but fail to inform the audience what’s in for them. You should offer them a solution that is different from what they are already receiving from other brands in the market.

Highlight the brand’s unique selling point of its products and services. The video should promote the brand to convince the audience that you got the solution to their problems. Emphasis should be placed on this but with great care to avoid appearing as boastful rather than being helpful.

The video ad should provide the audience with the reason for choosing your brand i.e. value, warranty, patent technology etc. Highlight the positive attributes about the brand and use customer testimonial and feedback to support your claim.

Use Intent-Based Targeting

Being specific in targeting is important so as to reach the desired audience. The timing of the target matters to have a higher impact. It is important to understand the needs and desires of the audience and how urgent they want the needs to be met in order to address them at the right time i.e. when they need the solution most. This is known as targeting customers using intent signals.

Conduct a market research on the audience to understand their age and the different demographics to position the video ad to meet their needs. Further, personalize the ads to make the audience feel valued. A video ad directed to a specific audience is more effective than a generalized one. Messages should be positioned to address the interests and passions of the audience.

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Use Calls to Actions

All advertisements and marketing strategies aim at encouraging people into taking action. This could be signing up for something, giving feedback, visiting the brand’s website and making purchases. CTAs are a must in every video; either filmed, added as graphics or texts i.e. hyperlinks.

CTAs will often come at the end of the video to prompt users into taking action. They should show the customer what to expect out of the advert. Further, they should be specific, appealing and lead customers into following instructions.

Creating Effective Video Ads for Marketing

Hire Professionals

While the aim of businesses is to minimize expenditure and maximize on profits, marketing should be treated carefully. It is important to understand that cheap can be pricey and either project a wrong image or have a substandard video advert. 

The script and execution of an ad matters for a successful marketing campaign. Where possible, hire a marketing professional either freelancer or creative agency to produce the video content. All videos should appear professional for trust purposes and higher impact.


A great compelling video ad is an art bearing a clear message and creates a connection with the audience. Creating a great video ad calls for putting resources into it for better and impactful results. The above tips provide a step towards optimizing video advertisement as a marketing strategy.

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